Large Stoneware Jug

These are wheel-thrown durable large stoneware jugs. Each one is hand-glazed with blue/green and white glaze.

Thrown in clay and glazed by hand, each of these large stoneware jugs is unique in texture and character.

Fired to 1200ᵒC, this jug has an immersive blue exterior and white interior glaze. The external surface is dotted with flecks of light and dark glaze with deeper tones on the handle and rim.

Size: between 17 and 19 cm tall

Holds 1lt or 2 pints +


All stoneware pottery is made to order with a 4-week production time.

Need something Quickly?

If you need something quickly, get in touch to let me know what kinds of things you like and see what stock we have in the workshop.

Product Details

Each large stoneware jug is a unique item, some variations do occur. Beautiful stoneware jugs to enjoy every day. Stoneware is dishwasher and microwave safe and suitable for everyday use.

Each large stoneware jugs is handmade with love that includes the imperfections of handmade items that helps to make them beautiful and unique. Enjoy using it again and again, it’s designed and made to be durable and can cope with day to day use.

Colour, shape size and form varies due to the hands-on nature of creating these wonderful jugs. Expect to receive a unique item created to the same high standard of craftsmanship and aesthetic but not the exact jug pictured.

All my stonewares are wrapped and packaged in sturdy packaging to ensure they arrive at your door safe and sound.


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