Hi, I’m Lucy and I’m Passionate about pots

Norfolk Potter

I have been a hobby potter for more than 20 years. Pottery is my passion!

I’m based in Starston, in the beautiful Norfolk countryside.

After recently taking early retirement from teaching I have started developing my skills as a potter more.

My potters shed in the garden is a wonderful place to work. It’s really nice being able to pop in and out when I want to so I can make the pots people want.

A Passion for Pottery

I love making pots for people to enjoy.

Someone asked me to make them a large jug and now I have a new range of jugs with beakers. It’s fantastic when people are as passionate about pots as I am!

I have fun giving people the experience of working with clay. My pottery experience gives adults and children the opportunity to share in my passion for all things pottery.

Why Stoneware?

Stoneware fired at a higher temperature to earthenware. It’s more robust and won’t chip as easily as well as being less porous. It’s also dishwasher and microwave safe and suitable for hot and cold beverages and food.

Stoneware tends to have muted tones in the glaze and a wonderful texture.

Once I started making stoneware I was hooked, the experience is so much fun and the pots are beautiful.

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